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DeJamFM?  I know, I know, you want to know one or more of the following – Who we are?  What do we do? How come you never heard of us? What are our intentions? What makes us different from the rest?  And why should you use our services? Or perhaps you have more questions, well give us a chance, read through this section, see if we satisfy your questions, and if we haven’t done so, then don’t be shy ask away!


Who we are:

The short end of it all is we are “DeJamFM”  We are a service operating from our company – Troopaz Inc Marketing and Advertising – an all-inclusive company. This service is offered online through our website  This service includes the following online:

  • Event ticket sales for sellers
  • Event ticket purchases for buyer
  • Promotional product sales for sellers
  • Promotional product sales for buyers

We are new, which means our technology is current and up to date. We are user friendly, easy to access and very attractive (not to be conceited).


What we do:

DeJamFM simply wants to help make ticket sales or promotional sales a breeze for buyers or sellers. We allow ticket sellers to sell their tickets online, or buyers to purchase tickets online, which will help everyone save on time and money.  Besides selling tickets, we allow for promotions, discounts or coupons to be advertised, sold, purchase or redeemed on the site. Sellers can take advantage of selling their tickets, along with providing extra incentives.  Buyers, can conveniently shop or look for a bargain hassle free.


How come you never heard of us?

Well to be blunt, this service is new! However, we have been in the industry for years.  We have a team with a variety of experience in events, community work, social networking, business sense, corporate, private and much more. We love to be on the side lines and behind the scenes, while allowing our clients to shine in the spotlight.


What are our intentions?

We have good intentions, along with experience in events, advertising and marketing. We created this service for the ease and benefits of our clients.


What makes us different from the rest?

We are different due to our technology, service, and products to name a few qualities and benefits.  We have a dynamic advantage coming from an event, entertainment, advertising and marketing company that is all inclusive.


Why should you use our services?

We are new and unique, with a variety of platforms that will enhance your ticket and promotional experience.

Pilot program for users World Wide and Vendors from Toronto. Help improve the sites features and functions for the better user experience.

Market Targeting

Market Targeting reaches online consumers in your immediate area by Town, City, Country or World Wide while advertising on any App, any Device, any Website with ad space, whenever you want. Based on Geo Location Technology and User usages statics to find the right consumers for you.

All Inclusive Service

Advertising with DEJAMFM have never been easier, we offer All Inclusive Services with every advertising package. Services like Graphic Designing, Social Media advertising, Photo Editing, and much more... We provide a professional complete package with no hidden fees.

Full Support

Customer service is just a click away with 24 hour customer service available anytime you have issues via Email. You will be answered ASAP from one of our customer service specialist.

Our Services

DEJAMFM Services provided by Troopaz Inc. Marketing and Advertising, a company specializing in digital Media Advertising, photography, audio/video production and much more. Our flag ship service uses Geo Location Market Targeting to reach consumers across any App, any internet device, in any town, city, country, world wide on any website with Ad space, tracking consumer usage driving user traffic to our clients Website, products and more…

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